Friday, 12 October 2012

Take Two :)

After a fairly long absence from LVDCO*, now's probably as good a time as any to clear away the cobwebs. Up until now, I have kept up religiously with everyone's blogs. However, following a self-imposed English ban**, I have decided that restarting my blog would be a good way to spend my newly liberated online-time. I will be writing only in French and Italian, as I really need to improve my  skills in these languages...

Definitely lots of catching up to do! First couple of posts will probably be picture-heavy summer/spring updates, maybe a few more detailed ones after that...
Alors. A vos marques! Prêts? C'est parti!

LVDCO* Lavideclarao
English ban** Keeping speaking, reading, listening, even thinking to an absolute minimum - exception: my weekly issue of the Economist

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