Thursday, 17 January 2013

Resolutions 2013 or Annual (try!)To-do List

Increase Exercise
  • Take train to work, and walk (4 x 15 minutes) each day
  • Abandon metro; always cycle within Paris
Change Diet
  • Complete ban on caffeine and fizzy drinks. Minimise junk food consumption
  • Increase intake of water, fruit and vegetables. Practise quasi-vegetarianism
Improve Health
  • Get rid of acne
  • Increase fitness, heart-rate and muscle tone
  • Stay in touch; contact at least 4 friends abroad, each week
  • Spend more time making and developing Parisian friendships 
"Self Improvement"
  • Gain ability to converse in Italian
  • Start Spanish classes
  • Take a least one course in a subject that interests me; law, philosophy, Yoruba literature, history...
  • Restart violin lessons
  • Manage money well, save 2000€
  • Use time wisely
  • Blog at least 52 times 
  • Sing with the choir this summer
  • Start process of getting driving license
  • Improve punctuality
  • Read more books by Nigerian/African authors
  • Go dancing, to the opera/cinema, sightseeing etc. Be cheesy, have fun! 
I'm not sure, but this is maybe my first proper new year's resolution, and it's 17 days late already... Still, better late than never I say! I'm hoping to do an evaluation of how many of these goals I manage to achieve. I'm really optimistic at the moment, but come December we'll see how well I've done... ;)

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