Sunday, 7 September 2014

September So Far...

  • I have birthday presents still coming in three full weeks after the event. A special 30th birthday necklace is being made for me by my ex-colleagues, and I recently received a few other things...
 Churidar all the way from Chennai
(via Stockholm!)

Alabaster box and necklace from Volterra
  • I have been trying to improve my Italian, but to be honest, haven't really been practising my speaking skills with Lulu (my housemate). I however have been working hard on my listening and reading. Learning my fourth language in my third language is certainly, for want of a better word..."interesting."

    Thank God for French libraries!
    • Yesterday I had a small surprise dinner party thrown for me by friends who were either busy or away over the summer. Felt like such an idiot when they dimmed the lights and brought in an ice-cream "cake" with a candle and the number 30 on it. I actually looked round to find out whose birthday it was, only to realise it was all for me. I was so touched!
     Yet another birthday dinner :)


    1. Ive never had a surprise party! I bet it was fun! Happy birthday to you.
      So cool meeting another EU blogger yay!!
      I have met a few but they don't seem friendly at all which isn't very encouraging. Imagine if there was some kind of Koln tea party for bloggers? Awkwarrrrrrrd. Lol
      Anyways you are totally amazing....travelled the world, picked up languages like pebbles!! Well done. I once had an Italian friend who tried to teach me the language....yeah it was a wasted effort cos I was not interested at all.
      So its late but happy birthday anyways!!!
      I had all these words I wrote and then it deleted and now my cold not letting me remember all I had written! Lol and I have a speech test this afternoon. God help moi!!!
      Einen schönen Tag noch!! Oh ja! Wir müssen deutsch lernen! Hehe

      1. Hey! Thanks for your comment, I typed a nice long reply too, but it disappeared :(

    2. Mehnnn You strike me as ........ I actually froze in real life, so the blanks are actually blank. I mean you are just awesome.. And i like the way i can literally hear your words in my head,, like you are reading them out to me.. Na wa ooo. :) Talk about talented. :)