Thursday, 30 April 2015

Clara's Travel Tales: The Bruges Edition

A million thanks to darling Duru for reminding about and spurring on me to putting up April's post for the 15 for 15 challenge! As I have only a few hours left, I'm just going to do a short but picture heavy post of our visit (with my sister), two weekends ago to Bruges.

According to Wiki, Bruges is a historic city and a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site, and honestly it looks the part. I first went there three springs ago when I visited with friends and we spent a few days in the city, managing to fit in a 50km(!) cycle tour, and going all the way to the Netherlands. The year after that, T was already living in Brussels and together with another friend, I visited and ended up doing a day trip to Bruges. This time it was my sister's turn, and since train journeys in Belgium are cheap (at least compared to the UK), we decided to go for the day... so basically, I have visited the city three times in 3 consecutive years. Now if my blog says anything about me, it is that I love travelling, and have a desire to explore as much of the earth as possible (this by the way is why I hardly ever return to the same places, at least not without a considerable lapse of time). However beautiful Bruges, nicknamed the Venice of the North for its many canals, has managed to charm me Every. Single. Time. Anyway enough talking, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and convince you. Please click to enlarge and enjoy!


  1. Clara,

    these pictures are wonderful! Was für eine Kamera benutzt du? Ich beneide dich....ich möchte auch reisen.


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    German on top, English on the bottom.

    1. Hey Shahidah,

      Danke! Ich habe eine Kamera aber ich benutze es nicht. Sondern ich benutze mein Handy, ein LG G3....

      Und ich freue mich auf Oktober wann du kommst!


  2. First Off.. You are just a very Cute someboRRy shaaaa.. Aha kilode.. **Wears Blushing smile.. and turns Choco Milo Color outta shyness** That Last picSHur shaa **Covers face.. it had me saying Awwwggh like a Dolphin.. BauRRiful city i see... For the record Egbon.. Your phone has an AMAZING Camera.. i mean goddamnbuillshit.. Some of the picSHurs look like freaking portraits.. and to them I am like Dayuuuuummm.. **Winks..

    Thank you sooooooooooo very much for hanging in there.. i mean i wonder what the challenge would have been without you.. i loveeeeeee the spice your travel travel waka Dugbe lifestyle adds to it **Winks...

    **In Fatsatsic 4's voice... Oya its Thiefing time.. i just stole this style of writing.. It felt good to read.. The line whuich went ... Every. Single. Time. :) Osssssshheeeey Turn uP! Cheers Bubba.

    1. Haha! Duru in the house! Thank you my aburo atata. And yes God really blessed me when I got that phone as a present, lol!

  3. Awwww sehr sehr schöne Bilder! Oh mein Gott! Sehr super! Dein Handy ist total super! Ich soll bruges besuchen! Wow! Und du siehst amazing aus!

  4. Viele danke! Ich komme auch Morgen mit dem Camera. Wir werden viele Fotos nehmen!!!