Monday, 29 June 2015

June Happenings

June was an exciting month for me, and even though I didn't do much travelling, I felt rushed off my feet and busy busy busy. Still, it was a great month, made even better by the fact that I am either achieving the goals I set at the beginning of the year, or on track to realising them before the end of the year. Anyway without further ado, here are the highlights of this month.

  • T finished his contract in Vienna and came to Brussels for a week, a WHOLE week! It was so lovely to be together for more than a weekend, and to just hang out, doing nothing most of the time. He managed to meet a few of my work colleagues and friends, and I guess it helps to put a face to the names I mention every so often. 
  • Still on T news, we found out he was moving to Prague in the Czech republic also in June, and he had to organise living arrangements etc. in just under 2 weeks. Of course both of us are a bit sad that it means we won't be in the same city for a little while longer, but I'm excited because it means I get to continue my ajala ways and discover Prague which I've always wanted to visit. In fact I booked my ticket as soon as he confirmed that he had accommodation, even before he himself arrived there! 
  •  Went out with my colleagues for our summer/end of year celebrations (we run September to June cycles), and got to see many of them in a new light. I had so much fun, made quite a few new friends and ended up with a VERY embarrassing French nickname.
  • Decided that I'll probably stay a bit longer here in Brussels, as it give us more time to decide (and find out) where we're going to settle down eventually. I have asked for an appointment with my manager tomorrow to discuss a contract renewal/extension. Fingers crossed that things go according to plan. 
Needed, and luckily highly discounted bikini, from TK Maxx
  • Following on from my biannual review, I decided not to make any more clothing purchases until the end of the year, starting from July. For some weird reason, the knowledge of this decision drove me to wandering stores, frantically wanting to buy something, anything before the new regime began. The fact that it's the sales period in Brussels certainly did not help that feeling, because I kept justifying things to myself by saying I would potentially be saving money, yes really. However, God be thanked, I was unable to find anything cheap enough or worth the price, and so I have managed to avoid all unnecessary purchases so far, apart from the bikini above which I really needed.
  • I went to London to see my Singaporean friend, had a lovely time with her and managed to catch up with a few other close friends with whom I'd almost lost contact.

Battle of Waterloo reenactments.
  • I worked this last weekend, and as we only had 3 boys at the hospital, the testosterone levels was just too high, and it quickly became really difficult to manage them. Luckily the sun was shining and the boys were up for a long drive, so off we went to the the battlefields of Waterloo to enjoy the  reenactments with our ice-cream picnic. 
  • Went to see a Nollywood movie with Hanna. It wasn't the best I've ever seen, but I supported my friend who was involved in the project, had a lovely evening at the cinema, and introduced Hanna to Nollywood.
  • And best of all, I received a letter from the Student Loans Company, with my annual statement, and what a pleasant surprise it was. I am pleased to announce that the gbese is going definitely going down, and fast too. I'm so so encouraged, and it is such a motivation to continue working at paying it off!


  1. Looks like a fun event, nice photos. Have a great week and month ahead!

  2. its good to know you are sticking to your goals.. been following yourblog for a while now and i think u are doing great..please put me in ur suitcase when u are going to Prague! *crying like a baby*

  3. Hmmm, you sure had fun throughout the month of June! Where do you get this boundless energy from Clara?

  4. Hhehehe No be small the gbese is going down eh! Interesting... So all these many many things happened in June?! Meehhnn I cant even think of one very ghen ghen thing that happened eh! **Scratches Relaxed due hair... I think I should start writing stuff down.. I really should.. **Wears straight face... That said.. **In Korede's voice.. Oya Bere Verses... lmao... Oooooosshheeey! "Prague.." and "Czech Republic" Now thats a new name.. We your disciples will most definitely be looking out to see Ajala picSHurs of what it looks like down there eh lori Instagram.. Its nice to Know that you are happy Egbon.. That Oga Boss T is around.. and it Eeez super good to know that ya having lotsa fun without us **Crying in Spanish... and that all is ghen ghen like that..

    In other news **winks at the first picSHur.. Ahan nah Egbon.. We are expecting the beach summer picSHurs too nah.. **Wears Mischievous Evil Smile.. iKid... Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. Behold.. Our Ajala toh sure who always leaves us with a smile.. And the crowd goes Yyyyeeeasaahh mehn...

    1. Hiya Egbon.. Just to know if you are okay.. I still come here weekly though.. And i miss you deeply too.. Aight! Do be safe eh.. And please update soon.. Pretty please :(

  5. So, what are your plans now? staying in Brussels or going to Prague. I know what I will do. x

  6. Sehr schön liebe clara, dass du so viel getan hast! Prague? Wow! Noch nie da und keine lust da zu gehen! Mein nächste satz kann rasismuss sein aber es klingt gefährlich! Aber ich vertraue dir und ajala dinge. Viele grußen an T und genieß deine Wochenende

  7. Don't be fooled by sales or coupons that claim you will
    Save so much money (70% or so). The real savings is not buying. Unless you were in the market to buy regardless. THEN you'll be saving ;)


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