Monday, 2 February 2015

Revised Weekly Language Goals: Review

I was on fire with German this week! I'm not sure why, but I must have made a subconscious decision to really go for it. I worked my butt off, and more importantly never missed even one day of studying. The encouraging thing about this is that I've noticed a huge leap in my comprehension, and I am more and more at ease with the language. I just really hope I neither backslide nor get distracted over the next few weeks...

Anyway on to this week's review, which will be short and sweet as I'm writing this on the bus, on my way back from Paris...
  1. Done! I literally spent hours listening to the radio this week. I also watched a couple of documentaries, one about immigration/becoming/learning German, and was mostly able to follow them.
  2. Kind of done. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be seeing one of my conversation partners in the future, so I either have to find another person, or be satisfied with just a once-weekly exchange. I'm still thinking about this, so we'll see... In other news, I saw Hanna on Friday for almost 3 hours and I again spoke a lot more German. I feel like something has finally popped in my brain, and I have found my German voice (although the ears are sadly still missing). 
  3. Done x2! I wrote an email to my MIL, and the words simply flew off the tips of my fingers. Of course the whole thing was riddled with mistakes, but she understood (and I, her reply), and the important thing is that I now feel very at ease using the language.  I also published my first blog post in German this week. I did this while learning French, and I am sure it helped immensely with vocabulary acquisition, so will definitely be repeating this from time to time.
  4. Done! My conversation partner kindly brought me a couple of children's books on Friday. I chose 2 and took them both along with me to Paris, where I read the first and started the second. I have also been doing a lot of singing of the old Disney songs in German. I particularly like "Won't say I'm in love," from Hercules.
  5. Done! I did my one chapter, managed to assimilate it, then went back to revise all four previous chapters. 
  6. Done! I did an hour on Monday, then basically forgot about this until Friday morning when I began to do exercises first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This now means that I am bathing in a constant sea of German.
The week was quite successful, at least when compared with the debacle that was last week.  The funny thing is that the harder I worked, the more I realised I needed to learn, and the more motivated I was....I guess peaks and troughs are normal in language learning.

Wishing everyone a lovely week!