Monday, 16 February 2015

Revised Weekly Language Goals: Review

This week's review is going to be different, it will be a 2-in-1 summary as I didn't do a review last Monday, and I think two detailed reviews in one post would be too long. So anyway, here goes...

Last Week...
I was once again on fire with German! I'm not sure why this was, but I really made an effort and I saw the results. I met Hanna as usual and was able to have an actual conversation with her, then I read the much harder children's book she'd loaned me. It was a very good book, I guess written for older children, and was therefore very very challenging for me to read. Luckily the stories were riveting, so I couldn't give up or put it down. So good in fact was the book, that I've decided I'd like for my children to read it one day. The great thing about this is that I was able to learn so many new words.

In terms of the other skills, listening to German radio has more or less become second nature to me now, and I am understanding or at least recognising more and more words. I was even able to get some information about German Airline strikes and warn T who was scheduled to be travelling, about this. I was so proud of myself! I also wrote my MIL an email, did my weekly chapter and practised on Duolingo at least 5 times during the week.

This Week...
Was the total opposite! I wrote my MIL an unusually long email, did my weekly chapter and a lot of listening to radio. I also watched quite a bit of children's TV with T on Saturday, as well as the clips my Conversation partner sent me and a documentary on Youtube. Apart from this however, I feel like this was a very lazy week for me German-wise. I did hardly any Duolingo practising, did not read a whole book (read bits of another children's book and started my first novel on Saturday). And to make matters worse, I was sick down with the flu/running a fever and had a sore throat on Monday when I met Hanna for conversation exchange, so honestly didn't do very well with actual conversation. I wasn't very motivated to talk with my laryngitis, and was really slow in understanding anything she said to me...the poor girl must have been so frustrated! Still, I'm not too discouraged about my lack of progress because I've just spent 5 days in Vienna and had German around me all the time, on TV/supermarkets/public transport/everywhere, including at the basketball match I went to on Saturday.

I guess I'd just had as the Germans say "die Schnauze voll" (was fed up). This week I am once again very motivated and looking forward to working hard to catch up, especially since there won't be any travelling and/or illnesses "die Daumen drücken" (fingers crossed).

Anyway that's it for this week's edition ;)  Wishing everyone a lovely week!


  1. You go, Clara! I am so proud of you, very happy for you and am rooting for you. :)

  2. You go, Clara! I am so proud of you, very happy for you and am rooting for you. :)