Monday, 8 December 2014

Finally in the Cool Kid Club ;)

A few weeks ago, I got my first official nomination from the very lovely J of IbibioGirl, however, I have been really busy so it's taken me ages to get round to it. Still, in the words of the great Duru Adolphus, better late than never right?

 Anyways, the rules for the Sunflower award are as follows:
1) share 11 facts about yourself
2) answer questions set by the blogger who nominated you
3) nominate 11 bloggers
4) set 7 questions for your nominees.

Having recently done a post where I listed 20 unusual facts about me, I decided to take a leaf out of J's book and skip the first rule, mostly because it was really hard coming up with that list. Also, I feel like I need to keep some of my (as the French say) "mystere" ;)

So, here goes!

1) Is there any friend you haven’t spoken to in donkey years? Would you ring them if given the chance.
Yes, unfortunately :( I have moved quite a bit in my life, and everywhere I go I seem to make a few good friends, sadly, every time I leave I realise how hard it is to keep in touch with all them for long periods of time. The result is that I often end up with 2 or 3 really close ones who refuse to let me go (shout out to my sisters and those friends!). So yes, were I ever to be given the opportunity to reconnect with long-lost friends who once meant so much to me, I'd take up the chance in a heartbeat! 

2) What’s your thought on the Bill Cosby rape news
I really hope they're not true, but as a woman who was once a female child, I know that our societies will often trivalise/devalue the experiences of victims, as well as invalidate any stories that seem to hurt our "heroes." What this means is many people don't come out to share their stories until they're much older and/or have sought help. Still, I wasn't there and cannot judge, so I hope he's put through the justice system where he is either able to prove his innocence, or made to pay for his wicked acts.

3) Bookstore or library
Library, definitely! Having realised that it'd be no fun being a homeless, broke somebody, and that books neither warm you up nor fill your tummy, I decided to use and misuse all the libraries in any city I move to. Paying 7€ per year for example will always be cheaper than trying to buy books, for someone who reads as much as I do. I have been known to go through a book a day, during my holidays or quiet yeah, thank God for libraries!

4) Fix it or get a replacement?
Fix it all the way! As a bona fide cheapskate, I'd rather fix something than replace it, unless of course it costs more money then replace it is. 

5) Damsel in distress or wonder woman?
Wonder woman toh bahd! People (including a certain Mr T) always look at me and think I'm some powerless little kini. I'm like don't do it o, you judge this book by it's cover at your own peril! I've always been fiercely independent, and even as a child was often detached from everyone/everything around me, living my life according to my rules and doing it all by my freaking self. I have never understood people (especially women) who are more  "damsels in distress" types. I'm like shebi I have a brain, two hands and two feet? Oya think and take action jare!

And that's it from me. I'm nominating Good Naija Girl, Myne Whitman, Duru, Berry and Natural Nigerian for the award, and my questions for those bloggers are:
  1. If you could learn a new langague which would it be? Why
  2. And if you could choose a city/country in which to live, which would it be and why?
  3. What are the Xmas traditions in your location/family?
  4. Few close friends or many not-as-close friends? Why?
  5. Procrastinator or just-do-it-er?
  6. Favourite book in the world, and why?
  7. 2014 in a nutshell? 


  1. Turn down for what biko?!! in D'banjs voice..Osssshshhhhhheeey! i am so thrilled right about now! and i am smiling like a fish. I mean ordinary me, on an Onyibo fine geh and baby okwus blog! choi.. I must haf died and gone to heaven. This is a moment for me, Clara kindly pass me a tissue, in short gimme an entire bag of tissue, I am shedding plenty plenty tears of joy... in short this is a DORO moment for me.

    Bubba, you have no idea how much the mention on your awesome blog post means to me, and I am thrilled to a fault that you did it. GOD bless you bubba, I am humbled.. I mean ordinary me, on ghen-ghen Claras blog, chisos.... Thank you Bubba. You rock. in short clara for President of the USA. I dedicate this Nobel mention Prize to my blog mama; she lit the match that set the bush on fire. **crying tears of joy, kindly pass me a big bucket :) hehehehe

    So...this line had me gigling like a baby: "Having realised that it'd be no fun being a homeless, broke somebody, and that books neither warm you up nor fill your tummy" hehehehe mehn bubba na true oh! books feel the mind, not the stomach. :) ifaye that you are a cheap skate, please if ghen ghen Clara says she is a cheap skate, then me i am cheap skating board be that. :) You Rock bubba, thank you so much for the nomination, it means a lot to me,. Should get to it soon.

    P.S; Kindly go to my Blog Mama's blog in the link above, trust me, you will love Ms Janyl. :) Cheers.. Bia Nwanyioma, who told you that you just got into the cool kids club? biko Clara toh Badt, you have been there all along cause you are cool by default. jo ooooo. xx

    1. Duru! I feel like every time you pass through this blog, you leave a behind such a current of optimism and elation. I hope you're the same in real-life (what a blessing to your entourage!).

      In other news, I visited janylbenyl blog. Thank you for reminding me of her blog, I used to love and read it before, but then I lost the address. Going to add it to my blogroll again.

      have a fantastic weekend bubba ;)
      P.S. we're making progress. Clara for president of the USA is MUCH better than Clara for president of Antarctica. Thank you and God bless.