Monday, 22 December 2014

My Weekend in Pictures: Köln and Bad Münstereifel

 At the Schokolade Museum: Shrine of the Magi
Made entirely out of chocolate! 

 Finally met J of Ibibiogirl, so much laughter!

Taking a break as instructed...

 Around Cologne, walking along the Rhine

The Cologne Cathedral

Refuelling after all that walking and laughter with Jen Jen


  1. Was too bloody cool meeting you indeed. I was a tad bit sad the day ended! Lol you are an incredibly cool person. If you don't keep in touch I will stalk you in real life and while u dream. Frohe Weihnacten liebe Olu

    1. Yes it was. All I take away from our meeting was how much laughter there was! You're really cool too (although I had to downgrade you a bit for your old lady sleeping habits ;) ). No need, Cologne's my second hometown now, so you will see me regularly. Plus you still owe me lunch at a posh restaurant ;).

      Frohe Weihnachten mein lieber Freund. XXX

  2. Enough to go around right???
    Yeah im such an old lady when it comes to bedtime. Lol
    Oh yeah!!!! Posh restaurant of course haha. Once the pay starts to roll in!!!!
    Frohe Weihnachten "meine liebe Freundin"
    You used the masculine form

    1. I knew this too, cos you'd already corrected my Lehrer(in)... :(
      Oh well, at least I get free lessons from you, practise makes perfect right? Thanks for always pointing out my mistakes really! It makes me want to do well to impress you :)