Monday, 22 December 2014

My Weekend in Pictures: Köln and Bad Münstereifel

St. Petersglocke, the largest of the 11 bells at the Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

 The Xmas market from the roof of the Cathedral

 The Xmas market or Weihnachtsmarkt

 Supercool toilet at the Café Reichard, glass door which becomes opaque and artsy when locked! I was lucky my FIL told me about it before I went in; some woman started peeing without locking the door (she just closed it),  and I had to mime to her that we could see her through the glass! 

Nativity story in progress. The story is told throughout Advent until the 24th when the final piece of the puzzle is Jesus enters the manger.


  1. Wow!!!!! You took that picshur from the roof of the cathedral?! **stands up from my lying position... chisos!!!! You haf big mind oh, i never experred someone to think of taking pictures from that height... if it is me ehn, barely looking down can gimme stroke. Choi... i fear. Nice...

  2. The city just looked soooo beautiful from that height. I swear I felt like taking a million pictures! You would have too. (Plus there was some safety netting all around to stop ppl from falling).