Monday, 12 January 2015

Revised Weekly Language Goals: Review

I have had to to re-evaluate my goals this week because I realised that my learning efforts so far have been uncoordinated, chaotic, and a bit haphazard. I had been using too many different resources, and because of this wasn't really making progress. It felt as if I was doing a lot in some areas but not enough in others.  The thing is I don't have a lot of time to mess about if I'm to attain C1 by the 1st of October... So in order to resolve this problem, I decided to streamline things and make the learning process more efficient. The plan is to concentrate from now on, on using a few good resources instead of any- and everything. It's been only a few days, but since making this decision I've noticed that I have more structure to my learning, and I'm basically able to practise all the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Anyway on to this week's review.
  1. Done! I only listen for about 15mins each time, but I can already see some progress in my oral comprehension. It's also helping me remember vocabulary and teaching me how to construct sentences.
  2. Done too! I met Cathy on Thursday for about 2 hours and again on Friday. She's sweet but firm which is what I need. We're speaking a lot of English at the moment, but that's normal for the beginning. The great thing about this is that I'm motivated to  work even harder because I don't want to be embarrassed each time I see her.  Plus I can get a real feel for the language/learn "street" German since she's a native speaker.
  3. Kind of Done! I'm in the process of writing a short email to my MIL. I already have most of it written down, so it should be done by tomorrow (I'm writing this post on Sunday morning). I finished the email and sent it off later in the evening. The good news is that she appears to have understood everything and she replied only a few hours later.
  4. Only thing I haven't done yet, because I only added this to the list of goals last night at work. I am going to try to look for a short text tonight that I can read before the deadline expires. Done! I read an article in B.Z. Berlin, about late Xmas deliveries. I use Google play news-stand and have added three German newspapers to my library. To be completely honest, I didn't understand everything, still I was happy because I got the general gist.
  5. Done! I raced through 2 chapters yesterday and I could easily have done a third, but I decided not to because I really want to spend time absorbing each lesson before moving on to the next topic. I mean I only have 24 chapters to do, so 1 a week is really more than enough, especially as I want what I'm learning to actually stick.
  6. Done! I started this all over again, because I felt like I had forgotten some of what I learnt before the holidays. Now my learning is more fluid and efficient, since I do little but often.


  1. Awww, I wish I continued with French, Italian, and Spanish. I had a year of each, didn't continue and barely can say Hello, how are you, in all of them. Best wishes and keep it up!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks Berry, but you know it's never too late! I only started with all these languages 3years ago. You just need to be very motivated.

  2. I find it feels so good to go through a list and check off everything that is done, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Love this, Clara. I am now teaching a 61 year old Egyptian lady English conversation. She speaks Arabic and French and is picking English up very well! :) Like you said, it is never too late, one just needs to be motivated.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Yes it does! I must admit, sometimes I lose the will to continue, but then I remember that I have to give an account on the blog at the end of the week and this drives me on.
      Are you learning a language from her as well, or is it more in a "formal" capacity? It must be interesting to watch your "classes" with the switching back and forth between french and english that must happen!

  3. Even though I am not doing a language test soon, I will be doing a test and all I can say is good luck you seem to be organised and know what you're doing. Your post actually made me want to get more organised about my own. great post & good luck.

    1. Hey Ola,
      Thanks! I find that I'm more motivated when I have a concrete goal and I have told people about it. I hate failing, and while this isn't always a good trait, I've realised i can harness it, and use it to a good end. So yeah, go, join me...Good luck with your test! XXX