Monday, 19 January 2015

Revised Weekly Language Goals: Review

I worked really hard this last week to try and maintain my language learning rhythm even though work was crazy and I was exhausted most of the time. I just knew that as soon as I let myself slide, that would be the beginning of the end, so I'm glad to say I was able to overcome the hump. I managed to do everything on the list, in spite of the busy week I had...I am so very proud of myself indeed!

Anyway on to this week's review.

  1. Done! They play a lot of English songs, which is starting to annoy me, but I've started making sure that I listen on the hour when they say the news. Half of the time I have no clue what they're on about, but every once in a while I get a snippet of information. One of my exchange partners, sent me a load of Youtube videos with German music, and T played me an easy rap song which I could sing along to, yesterday. So I'm definitely working on the listening.
  2. Done too! I met Cathy on Wednesday for about 2 hours and then Hanna on Friday also for 2 hours. We're still speaking a lot of English at the moment, and it's beginning to bother me a bit, but my goal this week is to up the German. I had a short German conversation with my MIL yesterday too. It was on the phone, and only for about 2minutes before we switched to English, but as they say, every little helps!
  3. Kind of done. Although I didn't write any long pieces, I actually did A LOT of German writing this last week. I sent lots of texts/whatsapp messages/comments/etc., all in German. I figured this is just as important since those are the skills you need in real life. The best thing about this kind of writing is that I get responses almost immediately, forcing me to more spontaneous and intuitive with my writing. No more re-reading the message 100 times!
  4. Done! I read the children's book above, and I enjoyed/completely understood it. I recently discovered a website by a German children's author who has so kindly made his out of print books available for download free of charge. I will be alternating between this and the newspapers.
  5. Done! I did only one chapter this week because I was super tired, but I tried to ensure that I absorbed the lesson thoroughly. 
  6. Done! And I've recently added exercises by Deutsch Akademie to the mix, as it has a lot more grammar. I do exercises on either of the apps, as soon as I've got a few minutes free.
Verdict? All in all, a very successful week. Onwards and upwards!


  1. Yes o, very successful week! Your dedication to learning German helps me understand why my spoken French has stagnated! :)

    1. Thanks Jummy. I have to be motivated because I don't live in a German-speaking environment. You live in Ontario right? Start a language exchange asap!

  2. Gut gemacht!!!! Ein bisschen ein bisschen oder?
    Ich höre kein Radio aber ich weiß, dass ich hören muss. Und so weiter
    Aber ich habe keine Lust auf deutsche radio und Fernseher. Jeder sagt, dass ich deutschen Fernseher soll. Weil er hilft und ja ich denke das klingt gut aber jetzt habe ich keine Lust.
    Am Montag haben wir A2 test und ich habe wenig Angst aber ich denke dass ich toll machen will. Daumen drücken!!!

    1. Danke schön!
      I actually love listening to radio, so it hasn't been much of an effort for me. It's just a bit frustrating that I can only understand snippets of the program :( Oh well, I guess French and Italian were like this in the beginning too... I'll get there some day.

      In other more important news, good luck for Monday!!!

  3. Wow it's cool to see you guys learning a new language

    1. Thanks Jay, we're trying ;)

      I visited your blog and find it hilarious! Thanks for passing by.

  4. Good job! Maybe I should try the same with Spanish. I need to desperately set up a study schedule. Great going! Btw if you have whatsapp we can whatsapp auf Deutsch. If you want. Et en Français!


    La Deutsche Diva

    1. Yes you should, it really helps! I find myself doing the work not because I'm in the mood for it, but because I know I have to give an update on Monday. Whatever the motive, the outcome is the German improves ;)

      And yes please to chatting on whatsapp! Although I should confess that I sometimes go AWOL for days at a time whenever life becomes too hectic. You can write me in French and I, you in German. So send me an email or email address pls...