Tuesday 22 September 2015

Clara's Travel Tales: The Köln Edition

As you may know from my constant blathering, I have been learning German since January and I was scheduled to take the early September TestDaF exam. Well I realised that I wasn't perhaps as prepared as I could be, so I decided to go visit T's parents for 4days so that I could really practise my German intensively. It was obviously good for my language skills (T's mum was a teacher), but not only that, also my physical and mental well-being. I was spoilt by the MIL, and really got to relax and do nothing but hangout, watch silly TV, laugh, sleep, eat and (window)shop. It was exactly what I needed after the hectic lifestyle I had leading up to the visit, and it also signalled the beginning of my week long travels/holiday in Budapest and Belgrade. This post is just a quick update, and I will be writing about my adventures in Eastern Europe, over the next few days and weeks. Have a lovely week!

Had to pack 2 different luggages 
for my 2 very different trips

Lots of girly dates with the MIL

Broke my no-shopping rule to 
buy this lovely pair of rain-boots

 Spoilt rotten! I got a lovely welcome, late birthday surprise presents 
and of course a mini-haul of goodies to take home with me

Yet another lunchdate with the MIL, 
the theme seemed to be Italian this visit


  1. I love how you appreciate the seemingly little blessings. T is certainly a lucky guy :)

  2. Ich finde das so cool wie du und seine Mama euch gut versteht. :)

    Ich wünsch dir viel Glück und bin gespannt wie du den Test bestehst! Ich glaube an dich 😘


    La Deutsche Diva — The Denglisch Blog
    ♥ German ♥ English ♥

  3. Hello Clara,

    I am glad that I found my way to your blog. You are delightfully witty, it's very refreshing. :-)

  4. Clara update please....


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